Vegeta Cuts Through Toppo Hakai

Vegeta Cuts Through Toppo Hakai.

Hello, Dragon ball Super Fans we will look at Vegeta’s ability to cut through Toppo Hakai.

We have seen it you throughout Dragon Ball super first to erase merge Zamasu and then again in episode 91.

As God of destruction Sidra erased end in tires a guy and then we saw it again in episode 95.

As the Hakai energy from God of destruction Sidra was used against Frieza and Goku it can also be paralyzed as well as erase then in episode 125.

We saw it in foot critical damage on Frieza, however, it did not paralyze or killed him at all.

He was able to survive through it as Vegeta.

Episode 126 challenge Toppo, he fired a final Flash and Toppo was basically able to negate all of that Final Flash.

Just by creating a Hakai. Toppo absorb and erased Vegeta’s attack with the Hakai energy and it was at this point that Vegeta started to lose the fight.

Toppo began to overpower Vegeta and knocking him into a mountain.

Then he charged up a  giant death ball of energy throwing it at Vegeta, but something interesting happened to Vegeta.

He began to remember his family and the promise he made to his pupil Kaba.

Toppo Hakai
Toppo Hakai

Vegeta distinguish In the giant death ball of energy from Toppo with his key alone.

We’ve seen Vegeta get rage boost 4 to when Bulma was slapped by beeurs.

It’s at this point that Vegeta powers up mightly bold and changes the tide of the fight.

Toppo tries to shoot more energy blast at Vegeta, but the same thing happens.

Vegeta ki eats through that energy almost as if Vegeta has him Hakai himself.

Now we know that Vegeta is not a God of destruction and he is not veiled in Hakai.

For whatever reason, he’s able to start cutting through Toppo’s energy attacks.

That’s when Belmond tells Toppo to start blasting everything just destroy all of his attacks.

Toppo starts charging up a flurry of his Hakai energy balls and shoots them at Vegeta and this is when something very very interesting happens with Vegeta.

He charges up his Aura into his fist and it’s somehow able to punch through and break apart that Hakai energy.

Even both can’t believe it has happened to his Hakai energy.

It was seemingly the strongest energy and it was indestructible Vegeta was able to break through his Hakai energy and start hurting Toppo severely.

Toppo Hakai
Toppo Hakai

How was Vegeta able to do this.?

How was he able to negate or at least destroy God of destruction energy.

Which is supposed to erase anything it touches and simply power through it.

Does Vegeta have some level of God of destruction energy in himself.?

Does he somehow have the ability to cut through energy or was it simply because Vegeta was so much stronger than Toppo that the hakai it did not work.? 


Toppo Hakai

Toppo Hakai

In my theory, it seems it only works on enemies who are weaker than its user.

The answer is the later of the 3 as Vegeta says “I’ll give you an attack that is too powerful to destroy.” An Hakai energy only works on opponents who are weaker than its user.

Vegeta was way too strong far stronger than Toppo Hakai, so much so that the hakai technique wouldn’t work on him.

Vegeta simply was able to overpower, It while other opponents will get vaporized.

Has Vegeta’s final explosion clashed with Toppo Hakai energy, The Hakai did actually start to eat the final explosion, at one point.

You see where there the Hakai starts to consume the final explosion and you think for a minute that Vegeta might lose.

But then Vegeta dumps the rest of his power into the final explosion making it so powerful that a breaks exit through the hakai energy and eliminates Toppo.

Toppo Hakai

Toppo Hakai
Toppo Hakai
Toppo Hakai
Toppo Hakai

Remember earlier in Dragon ball super zamasu was erased by beerus because he was so weak.

The stronger you are the less of a chance of you actually getting erased when you touch the Hakai. 

The gap between the power of Toppo and Vegeta was so great that the guy basically had no effect on Vegeta. He is so much stronger than any other God of destruction.

At this point, Vegeta really got his moment in this episode. He prove to us that he could give beerus a run for his money.

Now to play Devil’s Advocate there is one giant counter argument and that’s that Toppo Hakai can’t kill anyone.

So he probably had two weaken his attack just so he didn’t kill Vegeta or Frieza.

I think that makes a lot of sense but at the same time it was pretty clear that at the end of the episode Toppo was very desperate, and probably dumped all of his energy into that final Hakai versus final explosion clash, and lost.

The reason he lost is that Vegeta’s energy and power are so much stronger than Hakai. Hakai only works on weaker opponents.

I think this also explains why even though Toppo was bailed and God of destruction energy and an episode 125.

Gohan said that if you punch Toppo you will end up like this erased rock meaning you can hit him with physical punches.

Toppo Hakai

Vegeta was still able to do that in episode 126, because Vegeta’s power was so much higher than Toppo that got a restriction hakai energy could not hurt Vegeta.

After episode 59, with Zamasu getting raised and episode 91, with Sidra erasing an entire city.

We thought that anything that guy touches would get completely vaporized, but after this latest episode of Dragon Ball Super.

We have realized that this is not the case and that the heck I actually has some limitations that were outside the realm of Vegeta.

Vegeta was simply way too strong for Toppo Hakai in the end.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review make sure you leave a comment below.

Vegeta Cuts Through Toppo’s Hakai







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