Goku Ultra Instinct Omen Voice Roar

Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen Voice Roar Explained

Hello guys, you ever wonder what is up with Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen Voice Roar Animalistic growling and screaming.?

When he’s in ultra Instinct if you pay attention real close, to Dragon Ball super not just episode 129, but when he was doing in the ultra Instinct Omen, you can hear a second voice behind Goku growling.

You know its sort of like when he was in great ape form, what does this mean? is it some kind of secret that Dragon Ball super is hinting at us.

What really may be going on? or is it just a stylistic representation of Goku losing control or Goku attending an incredible amount of power, and the creators of Dragon Ball super using that as a sound effect, to let the audience know that Goku is a Savage.

Well, to get the answer to this question, you have to go back and look at the history of Dragon Ball and realize that you know this is not the first time this happened.

In fact this happened several times throughout Dragon Ball, but one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of folks watching super nowadays haven’t watch the old Series in quite some time many of them only saw DUB of them many of them have never seen it at all, and that’s why.

I always recommend going back Andre watching old Dragonball and Dragonball Z before watching super it’s very strange to me that people watch out of order because, a lot of the references in Dragon Ball super, a lot of the nuances, and lot of the things that happen in super that are references to Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

So I just feel like some people out there who started with super are lost.

I mean I can’t even blame them for being lost which is why you have to go in order and start with Dragon Ball Z and then Super.

If you want to do that or watch GT that’s entirely up to you, but let’s talk about the growling.

Ultra Instinct Omen
Ultra Instinct

So first and foremost one has to understand this is not the first time I’ve seen all kinds of crazy theories out there.

There’s a theory that Goku was possessed by yamoshi the original Super Saiyan God and yamoshi speaking through him.

There’s absolutely no evidence to this whatsoever in the series there’s zero evidence is complete fanfiction and fanservice that some fan made up and people I guess. Believed me, there is no yamoshi inside of Goku there’s no secret you know entity Goku black and Zamasu did not take over Goku’s body.

Ultra Instinct Omen
Ultra Instinct Omen

Ultra Instinct Omen

None of that stuff happen that’s all, it’s nonsense that’s all Bs, what this actually is something that has been done before and it is indeed a stylistic choice made by the Dragon Ball super producers, specifically the sound engineer Mitsuhiro Nishimura from Fizz sound and even more specifically the audio director Yasunori Honda.

Yasunori Honda worked on Dragon Ball super but he’s not the original Dragonball sound effect guy. That is the legendary Hidenori are who unfortunately did not come back for Dragon Ball super, which is why the sound effects in Dragon Ball Z don’t sound quite the same, but they both have a very similar idea now.

I’m going to take you back to Classic Dragon Ball this idea of Goku screaming and having another voice Underneath Him.

It has been done before many time one example was when Goku fought Piccolo and he’s about to kill Piccolo with the big punch you see the silhouette of like a great ape and you hear the roar, you hear Goku’s voice change to the great ape Roar.

Ultra Instinct Omen
Ultra Instinct

This is meant to tell the audience not that Goku is transforming into the great ape, but that Goku is channeling his inner power that is harness through the power being a great ape. All the way back in Dragon Ball and put everything into his fist to defeat King Piccolo, which is why when people call this the Dragon Fist it makes me pull my hair out.

This is not the dragon fist this is a totally different move we didn’t even see the dragon fist until the 13th Dragon Ball Z movie where they fought at rutagon that’s the first time we ever saw dragon fist.

This is a totally different move it still a very powerful fish though and Goku and the producers of the series chose to show you that by playing the sound effect of a great ape. Also, if you watch the Japanese version of when Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan against Frieza Dragon Ball Z episode 95. Ultra Instinct Omen


Even though masako nozawa is known to have someone of a high-pitch voice for Goku when she Roars to become a Super Saiyan it changes into a deeper gravelly voice for that one scene.

Once again they’re talking about the savagery and the fact that Goku is losing control of himself, that’s why he Roars. Tthen if you’ve seen when Goku goes ssj3 same principle they actually show the Roar of the row behind Goku and we see Goku transforming into Super Saiyan 3 because the series uses this Roar to tell us to tell the audience that Goku is surpassing is limitation to finding a new form of power for him as a sand in fact. 

if you watch and this, is kind of hard to pick up on okay. I don’t blame you if you miss this detail because look, I have watch this scene. I’ll probably watched it a thousand times in my life and I didn’t even realize this until recently.

Like maybe a few years ago when Gohan turns ssj2 in the Japanese version if you listen very carefully when Gohan screams you can hear in the background very faintly once again that Roar that Roar that was all Roar.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen Voice Roar Explained

Dragon Ball From the beginning and so when you see Goku using Ultra Instinct, having the double voice no it’s not some kind of secret that he’s got some Spirit dude inside of him. Pause or anything like that, it’s just a production effect that they’ve always done in the Japanese version to kind of tell the audience again this is Goku being a bad ass savage unleashing his power.

So don’t believe the BS theories look into the series and most importantly if you haven’t seen classic Dragon Ball Z, watch it.

Trust me on this one don’t fight with me on it watching Japanese at least once. I love Dragon Ball but I feel like in order to get a grasp on the real series you got to watch in Japanese at least one time. I use see sort of the production differences the script change when you pick up on this, it is important. That all for today stay tune for more post like this.

Ultra Instinct Omen

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