Who Trained Uub In Dragon Ball Super

Who Trained Uub?

Hello, guys, today we will talk about Uub and where dragon ball super should start in the future.

So in the final chapter of the Dragon Ball Manga, and the last three episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime.

Goku meets up with Uub The Reincarnation of Majin Buu, agree that wanted him to become stronger and they fly off together to begin there training. That was the end of the original story.

Here’s a thought though was Goku Uub’s first trainer. What if I told you that he wasn’t and that somebody from the past trained boob before Goku did we’ll talk about that next.

So who was Uub’s first trainer well Toriyama himself never gave us a straight answer, unfortunately.? 

We don’t know if he even had previous training even though he seems to do pretty well against Goku.

Toyotaroi the man when taking over for the Dragon Ball super manga has his own idea of who may have been the guy, who trained Uub on February 19th, 2018.

On the official Dragon Ball News website from Japan DragonBall.News Toriyama opposite of blurb about his theory or his idea, of who may have been the original trainer.

In this blurb, they show the picture of an older and apparently wiser king Chappa.

The translation reads as follows “you certainly are gifted how about entering the next Tenkaichi Budokai and Uub says, huh.

Who Trained Uub
Who Trained Uub In Dragon Ball Super Manga

me” Toyotaro Norwood then go on to write king Chappa or what.

I think he looks like. Now maybe King Chappa was the one who trained Uub until he turned 10.

Their clothes look similar so, I kind of figured they came from the same region obviously this is just Toyotaro kind of playing around and giving his “you-know-what” fanfiction.

Now that was actually in the dragon ball writing team for the manga a little bit.

It’s hard to discredit this completely you can say well if not originally from Toriyama but we know that Toriyama and Toyotaro are in communication.

So is it really too outlandish to wonder if this is a possibility long-time Dragon Ball fan should easily remember who King Chappa is.

King Chappa is a veteran of several Tenkaichi Budokai World Martial Arts Tournament.

Who Trained Uub
King Chappa

Who Trained Uub In Dragon Ball Manga

Also In the dub, and we saw him battle Goku on two separate occasions, in Dragonball.  

The first time was during the 22nd Budokai where he faced off against Goku. Even Jackie Chu and talked about how he may be a dangerous opponent for Goku.

He was a very experienced martial artist but Goku is Goku and of course, made short work of King Chappa.

Then we saw King Chappa up in the piccolo art when he faced off against tambourine and was killed by tambourine.

He was targeted by King Piccolo to be assassinated because King Piccolo wanted to kill all the great martial artist on Earth.

Champa was definitely one of them. His General tambourine took care of it with ease.

Who Trained Uub
King Piccolo

But then again that wouldn’t be the end of King Chappa as he was, of course, wish back with the dragon balls at the end of the arc.

Then we saw him in the 23rd Budokai face off against the adult Goku, and Goku chopped him once in the back of his neck and we never saw King Chappa again.

Who Trained Uub

He lost and he disappeared Into Obscurity until Toyotaro brought him back in this little one-page blur be put up on the website.

Now make no mistake King chop was definitely not a threat to any of the fighters.

Right now he couldn’t even beat Kid Goku from the 22nd tournament. You have to remember that for a human he’s very strong.

He’s a former champion of the Tenkaichi Budokai as a good first trainer for Uub.

it could work out I mean the age of the fundamentals of martial arts. He’s also a human just like boobs.

So obviously doesn’t have the same potential as Uub, but having King Chappa could be the one who initially talks the fundamentals of martial arts.

I feel Toyotaro does make a lot of sense and that he took here, so what do you think.?

Do you think it makes sense for King Chappa to be Uub’s trainer.? Also, if you’re wondering if I made this post as a reason to give King Chappa some Sunshine, you’re right.?

Nobody ever talks about these old Dragon Ball characters.

I really like talking about them and their relation to stuff that goes on now.

King Chappo was only around for a little while but he was pretty cool.

I mean with a cool character like him maybe I’ll do a more in-depth breakdown of him some other time.

Anyways thank you for stopping by, and I hope you all have a wonderful day 

Who Trained Uub?




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