Vegeta Falls DBS Episode 128

Vegeta Falls Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Preview – Dragon Ball Super Spoilers 

Whatsup DBS Fans, today we’re going to be talking about Dragon Ball super episode 128.

Vegeta puts himself on the line.

Android 17 is now dead and we’re down to Just 4 Fighters left in the tournament of power.

This episode 128 Vegeta falls will put everything on the line in order to take on Jiren by himself.

17 sacrifices gave Vegeta falls and Goku a little bit of stamina recovery and now they’re going to try and take on Jiren again.

Goku is going to get absolutely pummeled he will be laying on the ground unable to move watching as Vegeta is getting slaughtered by Jiren.

Vegeta Falls
Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

Vegeta doesn’t even seem like he can transform into his ultra blue form anymore, and he is just taking a massive beating by Jiren.

I’m pretty sure Vegeta will be eliminated in The episode all it says is that Vegeta Falls.

 He could be, I guess unconscious he could be laying on the ground after this episode but I think this is probably is time to go.

Vegeta falls taking a massive fist to the face they’re falling down and as he gets up he has a bruised black eye he’s remembering Bulma.

He’s remembering his family this is going to be his final Glory episode his emotional episode.

Vegeta Falls
Vegeta Falls

Vegeta Falls

it’s going to be even more emotional to hear the voice of Bulma who recently passed away giving Vegeta some motivation to keep moving forward.

Vegeta here still in Dire Straits after his battle with Toppo using up all of his energy somehow still able to turn into his ultra blue form in the last episode.

It doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to do that here.

in this episode we haven’t seen Vegeta struggle this much and be so out of energy and have this much of his clothing and armor and everything blown off.

pretty much since the end of the Buu arc, when he held off Buu that Goku could charge up the Genki-dama and he was just getting absolutely slaughtered by Buu.

This is a Vegeta that is down to the final ounces of his power of Vegeta that can hardly even stand up anymore.

Yet he still taking on Jiren the strongest enemy that Dragonball has ever seen.

this is incredibly epic it’s going to be hard pounding.

I mean we know Vegeta can’t die but, I think this episode is pretty much going to be like when Vegeta was fighting Kid Buu.

Pretty much sacrificing himself for the greater good and, I don’t see these anything turning out well 4 Vegeta.

I mean honestly even if he was able to go back in his blue form, he’s still not going to be able to take on Jiren himself.

Vegeta Falls
Dragon Ball Super Episode 128
Vegeta Falls
Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

In the previous episode it was Ultra blue Vegeta Goku and 17 Universe Jiren and they all still lost.

So even if it’s Vegeta gets his Ultra Blue form again he still really cant do nothing.

He can do anything at this point Vegeta it seems like he’s almost just stalling for time.

Like we know he’s trying to give Goku some time to rest because the faith of the universes on the line and he’s not going to give up no matter what.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128
Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

This late in the game when there are only a couple minutes left in the tournament of power, you know every second count.

I think that’s what you’ve gone through Vegeta’s head right here is a he’s is trying to stall for a time could Vegeta possibly get Ultra Instinct since he’s this far gone.? 

Goku’s going to get up spoiler warning! and he’s going to turn Ultra Instinct mastered Ultra Instinct and he’s going to take on Jiren.

Which is going to be incredible, incredibly exciting.

Frieza is still looming around somewhere and honestly, I’m still really curious as to what Frieza role is going to be.

In the final few episodes there are only 3 episodes left for the tournament of power and then probably the final episode will be just some kind of Ending Dragon Ball super clean up episode.

Everybody may say their goodbyes and universes get wished back.

Vegeta Falls

So Goku’s going to go Ultra Instinct he’s going to take on Jiren for probably the final two episodes of the tournament.

To be honest even if Goku Masters Ultra Instinct.

I really don’t see him beating Jiren.

I mean maybe he can beat Jiren from episode 127 because that Jiren was nerfed.

I think Jiren is going to be powerful again we’re going to have better story writing.

If you guys remember an episode 110 Goku couldn’t even hurt Jiren even an ultra Instinct but then again go who was just it was his first time using the form.

Even an episode 116 he got stronger the second time you want an ultra Instinct so now if he Masters it maybe he does stand a chance.

Maybe that Mastery of ultra Instinct looks different it’s almost like another transformation or something like that.

Maybe it’s that red Aura with Halos that we saw from the promotional material but honestly like story writing wise and power scaling wise.

I still don’t think that mastered Ultra Instinct Goku should be able to beat Jiren in a 1 verse 1 especially considering how Jiren’s pretty much still unscathed.

He’s not breathing hard he’s not out of stamina and is running really have any damage besides that little spot on his back from Android 17.

I mean that couldn’t have done too much damage to Jiren.

So what I’m getting at is from the spoilers 28 that we get only Goku and jiren will be left in the arena but it also said that about episode 127.

We know that Frieza was still there so what I’m getting at is I think it’s more than likely Vegeta is going to get knocked out.

I don’t think we can trust the spoilers for sure that Vegeta gets eliminated in this episode.

It only says Vegeta Falls so it’s possible that Vegeta actually just gets knocked out and it’s just laying on the ground.

Vegeta Falls

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

Let me know your thoughts.





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