Vegeta Transform into Ultra Blue

What is up Dragon Ball Super Fans, Vegeta Transform Into Ultra Blue.

The finals are a string to heat up as Jiren clashes with Universe 7 in a red Orra as you can see below.

It is possible that Jiren is going into full power but at the same time in this episode, Vegeta will be achieving a new power beyond super Sayian blue.

Guys this is insane and exciting at the same time. I am I’m so pumped to see Goku in Kioken X 20 plus Vegeta new blue form.

Whatever it may be versus Jiren’s Full power at least we think this could be Jiren’s full power.

Now the Title of this Episode is called:

Body And Soul Full Power Release” 

Vegeta Transform

That tile could be referring to Vegeta in the episode, as he goes beyond super Sayian blue, or whatever that is.

It could also be Jiren guys. We do he Jiren in this episode clad in that red orra and that could be his unleashing of all of his ki.

Even when he fought Goku it was stated by whis or one of the other gods that Jiren was not at full power.

Vegeta Transforms Into Ultra Blue Vs Jiren

So if Goku and Vegeta start heating things up, it could be that Jiren maybe need to start releasing more of his ki to fight these guys.

However, it still looks like from the preview he is in the lead and he is pretty much crushing them at this time.

But this preview seems to be just the beginning of the episode. I don’t think they have given us any of the good stuff from this preview.

Base on the preview we know basically Vegeta is going to be laying on the ground. Goku goes full power super Saiyan blue, and he attempts to take on Jiren.

He uses cluster bomb of kiyanzons.

So it seems like this may be his new secret technique, or maybe he is trying to do something like pushing Jiren around the ring trying to get him into a vulnerable position.

So he could nuke him off the edge with a blast but it is going to Fail, and then Goku is going to start getting ass whop by Jiren.

Vegeta Transform Into Ultra Blue

Vegeta Transform
Vegeta Transform

However, at that point, Vegeta will awaken and something start happening to him while piss off his pride was hurt.

He is going to get up and you see all these blue glowing stars all over the ring surrounding Jiren.

Vegeta Transforms Into Ultra Blue Vs Jiren

Now I think this shot up above is Vegeta in particular in his new power.

Also, a side by side comparison shows that Vegeta may have achieved Ultra Instinct in the form of blue that have hints of Ultra Instinct in the picture down below.

There could be a small possibility that there is no form of Ultra Instinct involved in Vegeta’s new form.

Vegeta Transform

Because in episode 11 4, when Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God, he did have that little sign of Vegeta’s glow orra for whatever reason.

For whatever reason, he is still not able to get to the level where Goku is.

However, he was able to do something that Goku was not able to do and that upgrades his new Saiyan blue from somehow.

Now could it be perfected super Saiyan blue.? Or something like that, its a possibility.

A lot of people calling this form Royal Bule, Super Blue but I’m going with Ultra Bule because it does have hints of Ultra instinct Init.

Vegeta Transforms Into Ultra Blue Vs Jiren

Who knows what the possibilities for this new form of Vegeta maybe, I have a have a feeling guys this from is going to be something like Trunks Super Saiyan Rage.

That is going to give him this massive power boost as well as a speed boost.

I personally don’t see it doing anything else unless its ultra Instinct, that would be awesome.

Stay tuned for More.

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Vegeta Transform



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