Vegeta VS Jiren DBS Episode 122

Vegeta VS Jiren! 

Hello, Dragon ball Super Nation this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Wow, this preview for DBS episode 122 is unreal.

There is so much to talk about and break down in the preview so let’s start from the very beginning.

it is very interesting how Goku is going up against Jiren first from everything that we’ve heard.

It sounded like Jiren was gonna straight up take on Vegeta as Vegeta would challenge him.

But it looks like here Vegeta is trying to help as Goku and Vegeta both taking two verse one.

Jiren is not even looking and just backhanded Vegeta like a little weakling as if he does not care about him.

Vegeta VS Jiren
Vegeta VS Jiren

However, Vegeta is not giving up in this episode and he keeps going in against Jiren.

I’m wondering what Goku is doing at this point, but the preview does a flashback to Goku as is blocking a lot of attacks form Jiren.

Also, Frieza looks to be on the ropes, now we know that he is going to be fighting Dyspo.

You can see who his fighting from this preview but looks like he is getting thrown around by maybe Toppo or something like that.

Ok, and here Goku is literally laughing and smiling while he is blocking jirens punches.

How is that possible.? We saw what happen last time when Goku was in super saiyan blue when up against jiren the got completely he ass whooped with 20x kio-ken.

Now he’s not even in kio-ken and he is exhausted and he’s able to block jirens punches while laughing and having conversations at the same time.

Does not make to much sense.

Unless over the course of his battle with kafla and that since he was pushing himself and pushing his limits maybe he did get a power boosted.

Vegeta VS Jiren
Vegeta VS Jiren

Vegeta VS Jiren Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 

Let jump back to Vegeta, blowing my mind so.

It could be that jiren is really holding back for some reason now we know that form some episode spoilers throughout 123 is tilted below.

Unleashing The Full Power Of Body And Mind”

So that could be actually jiren instead of Vegeta getting ultra instinct. It could be Jiren here going full power in episode 123.

That is a define possible and it would suck if Vegeta does not get ultra instinct.

Also, disappoint a large group of the fanbase that wants Vegeta to get the new form.

And another half of the fanbase does not believe that Vegeta will get ultra instinct in this tournament or probably coming next ARC.

You guys Maybe RIGHT!

Somehow Vegeta lands a devastating kick on Jiren and hit looks like actually hurt him.

so even when Goku was is in ultra instinct and landed hits on Jiren, he kinda brushes it off.

But here he is taking two hits from Vegeta and he looks to be in pain.

which The question is? is Vegeta going beyond is limit here.?

Going beyond his limits it says from Goku draw fourth power from your limits.

So maybe Vegeta is getting so offensive ultra instinct power boost here so that he was able to beat jiren.

There is a lot of questions to be asked coming out of this episode preview and hopefully, we get some good explanations.

Vegeta VS Jiren
Vegeta VS Jiren

Because it could just be some writing it could a story writing in this episode that Goku and Vegeta stand a chance against Jiren in Super Saiyan blue.

They are different writers on the dragon ball super team. Toriyama and they have different takes on the characters and what happens in that episodes.

As long as they follow Toriyama bullet points. But hopefully, there is some explanation there.

Regardless as we move as Vegeta challenges Jiren with a Final Flash.

Now, this is extremely reminiscing of when Vegeta challenged perfect cell with his final flash.

This seems to be almost a straight cut moment from Dragon ball Z

As Jiren looks at Vegeta charging up the blast and prepares himself to take this massive nuke!

We have seen a lot of final flash out of Vegeta over the course of dragon ball super ARC.

But none of them have the same destructive power as the one in dragon ball z verse cell.

Primarily I guess because he didn’t charge it long enough to concentrate is energy into one single point. So you need a lot of time to charge up a lot of energy into it.

It looks like here Jiren is actually giving Vegeta the chance to go through. But the starts to freak out after he senses the devastating power like cell did with a monstrous nuke came his way.

We know Vegeta is not going to be knocking off Jiren out of the tournament of power.

So Jiren is just gonna take this thing.

I’m assuming afterward, he just beat the crap out of Vegeta and then Vegeta starts to awaken Ultra Instinct power.

So maybe the would be the end of the episode.

I personally hope in this ARC we will see Vegeta getting some form of ultra instinct.

Stay Tune.


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