Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball is He Still Relevant?

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball is He Still Relevant.?

The Father of Son Goku Bardock is one of the most iconic and most popular characters in all of Dragon Ball.

Therefore this edition of Dragon Ball I will provide the most comprehensive historical recollection of the life of Bardock.

Including the true origins of his character, his huge impact on the story and how he continues to be relevant even today.

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball
Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball

Behind the scene of dragon ball Bardock was a fascinating character.

The story of Bardock is the only character in Dragon Ball that was not created by Toriyama.

But actually made it to the original dragon ball manga. In the past, there was very little light shed on Goku’s Heritage if any at all.

The early store you could assume that Goku’s Grandpa took care of him and that he was an orphan.

It wasn’t until the arrival of Raditz and the reveal that Goku was an alien that people begin to wonder about Goku’s biological family.

In following with the name puns of the entire race.

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball
Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball

Raditz Burdock son and Goku brother consistently would tell Goku how much he resembled their father.

Fun fact is that all of them we were named after root vegetables. Burdock Radish Carrot and of course Onion for Guinea.

Bordack was created by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru who is most famous for not only being a character designer for the anime.

Also working on a lot of the art for the merchandise. What’s interesting is that even though I’m not going through the original designs for Bardock and his crew.

Toriyama himself made a number of modifications on the character design and that became the finished product.

However, you can actually see some of  Katsuyoshi designs going through the original design in the final shot of the TV special.

It is a common misconception among fans that thought that the Bardock TV special is a DBZ movie.

Mostly because FUNimation released it as a quote feature. However, the Bardock Special is just that a TV special.

In fact, an extendedone-hourr television episode, that aired in the same time slot as Dragon Ball Z with commercial breaks. 

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball?

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball
Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball

All fans got their first look at Bardock on October 17th, 1990 when a final solitary battle the father of Xeno Warrior Kakarot challenge.

Frieza first premiered in between episode 63 and 64 which was right before Vegeta fought Recoome on Planet Namek.

It was simplified to just Bardock the father of Goku and came out after the Frieza Saga had already aired on Toonami.

The original English dub for the Bardock special has an extreme level of script changes when compared to the Japanese version.

Even more so, than normal and thus. I highly recommend watching it in Japanese at least once.

The Bardock special was written by Takayama and Kathy Ukazoo Misawa with Toriyama having little input on the actual story. If any at all, so what was the story?

The events of Bardock’s Life were originally Chronicles in the Bardock special.

Which simultaneously tied into the destruction of Planet Vegeta and Goku Survival on earth years before the series began.

Personally, I think it is one of the best stories in the franchise in the special or locking his comrades are seeing overtaking planet Canasa.

After the battle, a Canasa Survivor inflicts Bardock with a gift and a curse.

The ability to see into the future while recuperating for Bardck begun to have strange visions of events.

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball
Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball

Involving his youngest son Kakarot on earth and the destruction of Planet Vegeta at the hands of Frieza.

While Bardock was out of commission Frieza was allowing his paranoia to consume him and ordered bardock’s crew to attack Planet Meat.

Which was in fact the suicide mission because Frieza right-hand man Dodoria was awaiting on them.

Bardock awakens to meet up with his Meates, completely unaware of Frieza’s plot ignoring his premonitions.

When Bardock arrives on Planet Meat, he was horrified to discover that his crew was beat up with only one barely alive.

Bardock watches him die takes his blood, Farm band and puts it on his head at the symbolism of his loyalty to his comrades.

Bardock been engaged and successfully kicks their ass but Dodoria proved to be too strong for him.

Dodoria leave the planet thinking that he was dead but the lone Warrior barely survived the trail.

Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball
Who is Bardock in Dragon Ball

He quickly realizes that his vision artifact of the future and mandatory trying to warn everybody about freezes plot.

As Frieza approaches the planet for his final solution, the others don’t believe it and just assume that he have been into any fights.

Not realizing that he’s on his own his own and takes his Destiny into his own hands leading a one-man assault against Frieza.

Bardock completely underestimated Frieza’s power as the Tyrant destroyed not only Bardock but the entire planet.

Has Bardock is dying he has one Funnel Vision of his son face to face with Frieza symbolic of a battle that wouldn’t happen for another two decades.











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