Why is Broly So Strong in Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Why is Broly So Strong?
Why is Broly So Strong?

To find out why Broly is so Strong, we cannot focus on the old Broly lore anymore. Not even the whole stuff about him being Legendary Super Saiyan. All that we really can’t use is context. However, we can use what Vegeta said about Kale in Dragon Ball super episode 100.


I think it was when he said that Kale maybe the legendary Saiyan. Now, in the Manga version of the tournament of power. There was a statement made about how Kale might be what they referred to as a demonic Sayian. Or a Legendary Saiyan, depending on which translation you want to go with.


Is Broy Still The Legendary Super Saiyan?

Essentially, what they’re referring to is some kind of secret ancient Sayian power that Kale seems to have. Which does reflect upon role in the film because Kale was purely created by Toei Animation. Then, later on, adapted to the manga to be a tribute to the original Broly.

Why is Broly So Strong
Why is Broly So Strong

That was probably before or around the time that the original script for the Broly film with being concocted by Akira Toriyama himself. However, that being said, Kale was really powerful and very fast in the tournament of power.

The same thing goes for a lot of other characters, but for Broly, in this film, he supersedes that by a long shot. Broly was getting beaten up by base Vegeta, while he was getting stronger and stronger by the minute.

But The Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and then Super Saiyan God. Then Super Saiyan God Vegeta was able to defeat Broly to wear Paragus pretty much gave up. However, what happens in the film is Broly powers up and enraged himself going into what is being referred to by the fans as the suppressed humanoid.

Broly’s Great ape Suppressed Humanoid Form

This was the Great Ape form that Paragus discusses where Broly can tap into the power of a Great Ape without transform into one. If we were to follow the original Dragon Ball guidebooks or whatever you want to call it. It would then give Broly 10 times multiplier so, Broly becomes 10 times stronger than during his fight with Goku.

There’s a scene where Goku used the God Bine on Broly to stop him in his tracks and then Broly Powers up and reverses it.

God Goku
God Goku

Basically what I’m trying to tell you here is that Broly just keeps getting more and more powerful as he’s getting defeated by Goku and Vegeta. Broly can just basically scream and release more of his energy to either equal their power or surpass it. It came to the point where at the end of the film when he fights Gogeta. Gogeta has to go from base to Yellow to Blue to keep up, and we know how strong Gogeta blue is.


If you don’t know I mean think about it. It’s not that hard to figure out. He’s insanely powerful, and Broly is able to give Gogeta blue a pretty good run for his money. It takes several blows from Gogeta blue to finally put Broly away before the wish was made by Chirai to save Broly’s Life.

What is The Secret of Broly’s Power?

Why is Broly So Strong
Why is Broly So Strong

Now, what is the secret of Broly’s power? What makes him different from Goku and Vegeta is that he is essentially the Dragon Ball version of the Hulk. Broly has the ability to gain strength by getting angry and Paragus realize this early on in his youth when he saw what Broly was able to do.

Therefore, Paragus created the machine necklace that could suppress Broly and talk him into not being angry so.

king Vegeta
King Vegeta

That’s how he was able to control Broly because he knows what King Vegeta said earlier in the movie maybe true. That Broly may be a threat to the entire universe if he gets too angry.

Will Broly Ever Truly Be Able To Control His Power

So Broly’s power is purely based on rage. Obviously, with this being stated the question then becomes:  Will he ever truly be able to harness that power while also being focused and being a true martial artist.

Why is Broly So Strong
Why is Broly So Strong

Or in other words can he ever control that.? Well, I don’t have for you because I can’t predict what Toriyama’s going to write. But what I can tell you is that Kale was able to do it in the tournament of power. So, presumably, at some point in the future Dragon Ball Super, should Broly gain training or continue to fight alongside Goku or against Goku.

Then yes, I would assume that maybe he could gain control of it, but then again. It all depends on where they want to go with the character Broly.

What is Broly’s Power Level

Now, this is actually explained really early in the Dragon Ball super Broly film when they showed baby Broly in the nursing capsule. When the scientist examines him, his power level seems low when they first scan him and then just moments later.

His power level fluctuates depending on his mood. That’s one thing that is a detail that I missed the first time watching the film.

Watching it the second time I pick up on that is power fluctuate and that’s essentially what ends up being told to us later on in the film. However, it was not directly told by Paragus, even though he does explain more details. I’m not even going to try and make calculations on what his actual multiplier would be.

We’re just having a discussion here about how this work. So, unlike Goku and Vegeta, his power is purely based on his rage.

Broly’s Saiyan Abilities

Obviously, rage is what helps Saiyan unlock higher abilities. We learn that back in Dragon Ball Z with the Super Saiyan ability. Goku had to be angry to tap into that power but also he went through an extreme amount of training. Same thing with Vegeta and then later, of course, Gohan and whatnot. For Super Saiyan 1 and 2 you have to have that rage kind of culminate with that transform.

Super Saiyan 1 and 2
Super Saiyan 1 and 2

But with Broly, it is a little bit different because like I said earlier he is the Dragon Ball version of the Hulk to where you know he’s always angry except when he’s not. However, when he fights he’s always angry and there’s a very interesting scene in the movie where he’s fighting Goku. And then he kind of smiles and you know they stated in the film that Broly does not want to fight.

But it seems like the more he fights, the more hot-blooded he gets, the more he enjoys it.

How Broly Get Stronger

So, it could end up being that he becomes an addict to fighting no different than Goku and Vegeta. Broly is also a pure-blooded Saiyan so, that will make him want to fight. This is a race that is known for fighting so when it comes to Broly it’s not that he was genetically modified

However, genes do I have something to do with it because it appears that someone like Broly who can get so strong so fast just on anger may indeed involve Legendary Super Saiyan.

And maybe it is not Yamoshi. I guess you know fairy tale or folktale or whatever you want to call it.

But also it seems to be something that purely based on natural selection like Goku and Vegeta were they’re able to achieve that transformation.

Nonetheless, they were never able to achieve what Broly was able to achieve so fast.

because remember Broly never actually trained against a competent fighter.

He only trained against Paragus and when he played around with his pet Bah when he was younger.

The Secrets of Broly’s Power

So the secrets of Broly’s power, in a nutshell, is his rage that’s why is he able to get so strong. It does make sense with The Narrative of Dragon Ball super Broly Movie.

What they are trying to tell us and what it essentially means is, if he’s able to tap into power at will, he could become the most dangerous fighter in the history of Dragon Ball. Even if Broly gets angry and nobody’s ever there to stop him whether it be Paragus with a remote control device.

Or Gogeta blue with blunt force than this dude could do what the old Broly did and possibly start wiping out galaxies. Just in a fit of anger not because he’s a bad guy but because he can’t control himself when he’s angry.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheer!

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