Xeno Goku In Dragon ball Heroes

Xeno Goku Explained. The last Dragon ball heroes review opened up so many doors for fans to enjoy Dragon Ball Heroes content.

More so than ever before, and I know some people have been looking at the promotional poster for the prison planet.

At the very top of the poster, we see clearly Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs. Super Saiyan blue Goku.

But wait a minute, why are there two Goku’s. It’s like I always wanted to see blue versus 4 but why are there two Gokus in the same time space.

Xeno Goku

Well on this post I’m going to give you an explanation of Xeno Goku, his origin where he came from and what his places in Dragon Ball Heroes let’s get to it. 

So why are there two Goku’s fighting? why are there even two Goku’s.?

Well, the thing you have to understand first and foremost about heroes is that Dragon Ball Heroes storylines are often based on an Alternate timeline.

Very much like Xenoverse. the Supreme Kai of time is there but the time Patrol is there.

You know the elements of Xenoverse that many of you are familiar with here, is already in this game.

But this time they take it to a whole new level, so who is Xeno Goku or Goku Xeno.? Well, there is another name for him, he is also time Patrol Goku.

One thing we have to make clear is that time Patrol Trunks from the video game is not the same Trunks from Dragon Ball super.